Carer Support

Caroline - Care Support Worker

We know that caring for someone with a disability or illness can be a demanding and stressful role. If you care for someone, whether they are a husband, wife, relative, friend or neighbour there is support available for you.

Carer Support Workers identify carers and offer them help and support. They understand the physical and emotional pressures of being a carer. They can provide support and help carers with:

  • Information about practical support
  • Referring them to finance benefits advice
  • Linking them to Carers Support Groups
  • Helping them get a break

If you would like to speak to, or make an appointment to see Caroline

  • Leave your name and number at reception or
  • Telephone 01803 844566 (Surgery) or Caroline 07732 034 800 on a Monday or Wednesday morning.
  • Ask your GP to put you in touch with the Carer Support Worker

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